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By Boards and Advisors

I get about 4 emails a week from law students and attorneys with questions about launching a law practice. It’s an awkward and humbling experience for me. I’m not a law practice management expert and several years ago I had many of these same questions. But I try to answer as many emails and calls as I can.

I wish more startup veterans would do the same and provide mentorship to new entrepreneurs, such as taking a seat on a startup’s advisory board. A lot of the startups I work with placer a higher value on mentorship than investment capital, and would have no issue with a small equity grant to a good advisor. Do you really think startups flock to TechStars and Y Combinator for the cash?

Why does it feel like most successful startup participants have their success and fall back into the shadows of the city? Maybe it’s just Dallas. But I’m pretty sure this problem exists in most startup communities.

There are successful startup veterans in every community. They just don’t engage with the local startup scene for one reason or another. But I’m willing to bet these startup veterans received good advice along the way–or wish they did–and would be willing to return the favor.

I think it’s time to start a Startup-Advisor Dating service, in the spirit of Founder Dating. In addition to the hacker meets pixel pusher events, how about hacker & pixel pusher meet advisor events?

Maybe there’s one around that I’m missing. Anybody?


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