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Is a Term Sheet Binding?

A term sheet is an outline of the deal terms that helps frame the contemplated transaction for both parties. Term Sheets for financings and acquisitions are usually not binding. However, it is quite common to see various sections of the term sheet binding, including: -No Shop or Go Shop Clauses: Can a party shop the […]

Reverse Breakup Fees: More Trendy than the 3G iPhone

It looks as though private equity buyers better get used to seeing reverse breakup fees and other seller-friendly provisions in their merger agreements. details how reverse breakup fees are becoming industry-standard provisions in private equity LBO deals in a new article called “Desperately Seeking Certainty:” Starting with the 2005 sale of Neiman Marcus Group […]

Buy or Sell a Startup at

A new online marketplace for buying and selling companies officially launched this week: I believe BizTrader will be a strong competitor to the current company marketplace juggernaut, Both BizTrader and BizBuySell charge customers monthly fees to list their business for sale starting at $39.95 per month for BizTrader and $59.95 per month for […]

Don’t Be Coy With a Letter of Intent

I recently worked on a deal where the prospective seller over-strategized the letter of intent. The seller wanted my client to sign a non-binding LOI that contained about half of what should have been included in the letter. It was extremely frustrating and ultimately was a waste of time, because rather than acquiesce to the […]

The Deal Behind Letters of Intent

A letter of intent is a pre-acquisition agreement that shapes the preliminary understandings of the parties. Although usually non-binding (for the most part), it serves as the bridge between initial negotiations and the purchase agreement. And that’s important because the letter of intent should facilitate the deal. The letter of intent will set forth the […]

Get a Deal Done with a Go Shop Clause

When acquiring a company, you typically want to lock down your target and prevent it from seeking other potential buyers (see no shop clause). But in some situations, allowing your target to shop the deal around, under the terms of a “go shop” clause, can actually facilitate the transaction and get the deal done. Typically, […]