Startup Issues

Crowdfunding as a last resort

I recently wrote a commentary piece for the Dallas Business Journal regarding equity crowdfunding titled:  “Here’s Why Crowdfunding Should Be Your Last Resort”  I thought some of my readers would enjoy it. Please know that I *want* equity crowdfunding to be a boon for startups, I just can’t recommend it as a go-to option today. … Continue reading

Advisor Agreements

At the time a startup compensates an advisor with incentive equity, it is best practice to also have a written agreement typically called an “Advisor Agreement” or “Advisor Letter” in place to protect the startup. The Advisor Agreement also has the side benefit of managing expectations on both sides. A typical Advisor Agreement defines the … Continue reading

Of Mice and Mentors

There are a ton of positives that mentors provide startups, as no one person innately has the skill set and/or experience to run a successful company. But if there is an incubator bubble, does that beget a mentor bubble? Mentors at incubators should be in it strictly to pay it forward and most certainly are. … Continue reading