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Office Hours at SXSW

If you want to discuss liquidation preferences, vesting schedules, or anything startup-related, I’ll be holding an office hour session this Friday March 7th from 130-230pm at UP Global’s SXSW Startup Oasis. The office hour portion of Startup Oasis is blocks of time where you can meet with mentors across a diverse range of skill sets. […]

Now Accepting Bitcoin

My firm has decided to start accepting payment via bitcoin. We had our first bitcoin transaction yesterday from a client that just so happens to be in the bitcoin space. The firm decided to go with Coinbase as our “international digital wallet”. The firm made the decision to accept bitcoin since we represent tech savvy […]

Hello World!

Wow, 2011 was a busy year. My clients put together a nice amount of seed and venture financings in 2011. On the home front, my wife and I experienced the arrival of our 3rd new addition to the family. In fact, she even let me revise a term sheet in maternity triage about 45 minutes […]