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  • Introducing the Startup Law Glossary

    In case you didn’t know, this blog contains a glossary of terms that startups may encounter anywhere from their initial startup to sale/IPO. You can reach it at the top of each page by clicking on ‘glossary’ or directly via http://startuplawyer.com/startup-law-glossary. We started out with about 150 terms but now we’re just shy of 500. […]

  • Premature Extensive Due Diligence

    Occasionally, angel investors will send extensive due diligence requests to a startup way too early. By way too early, I mean an angel investor sends your startup an 8+ page due diligence request — without having made any sort of “commitment” to invest. This is problematic for a number of reasons. First, this could be […]

  • Now Accepting Bitcoin

    My firm has decided to start accepting payment via bitcoin. We had our first bitcoin transaction yesterday from a client that just so happens to be in the bitcoin space. The firm decided to go with Coinbase as our “international digital wallet”. The firm made the decision to accept bitcoin since we represent tech savvy […]