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Reverse Breakup Fees: More Trendy than the 3G iPhone

It looks as though private equity buyers better get used to seeing reverse breakup fees and other seller-friendly provisions in their merger agreements. TheDeal.com details how reverse breakup fees are becoming industry-standard provisions in private equity LBO deals in a new article called “Desperately Seeking Certainty:” Starting with the 2005 sale of Neiman Marcus Group […]

Buy or Sell a Startup at BizTrader.com

A new online marketplace for buying and selling companies officially launched this week: BizTrader.com. I believe BizTrader will be a strong competitor to the current company marketplace juggernaut, BizBuySell.com. Both BizTrader and BizBuySell charge customers monthly fees to list their business for sale starting at $39.95 per month for BizTrader and $59.95 per month for […]