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Don’t Be Coy With a Letter of Intent

I recently worked on a deal where the prospective seller over-strategized the letter of intent. The seller wanted my client to sign a non-binding LOI that contained about half of what should have been included in the letter. It was extremely frustrating and ultimately was a waste of time, because rather than acquiesce to the […]

Using a No Shop Clause in a Letter of Intent

If you are buying a business, the process becomes expensive and tedious once the letter of intent is signed. For this reason, I recommend all buyers include a “No Shop” provision in their LOI. This provision prevents the seller from going behind your back and finding other suitors while you are busy with due diligence […]

Include Confidentiality Clause in Letter of Intent

When negotiations need to remain confidential, a letter of intent should obviously include a confidentiality cause. But in the case of startup companies–replete with their fresh and new ideas–a confidentiality clause is a requirement. Information will be exchanged during due diligence and the negotiations, thus the parties should agree on what information is confidential. In […]