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If I Launched a Startup

Here’s what I’d do in the beginning: Incorporation (1) Entity Choice: Corporation or Corporation (2) State of Incorporation: Delaware (3) Authorized Shares in Charter: 10,000,000 Shares (4) Type of Shares: Common Stock (5) Par Value of Common: $0.0001 (6) Initial Founders Issuance: 8,000,000 Shares (7) Founders Equity Split: Depends on the Team, But Quickly and […]

Should Your Startup Hire a Finder?

Raising capital is not easy. While startup entrepreneurs usually have a strong network of people within their own industry, many entrepreneurs lack contacts at venture capital firms and other angel groups. And even if the entrepreneur knows about such funding sources, it’s difficult to get solid intros to such people. Sometimes startups will run into […]