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TechWildcatters Launches Dallas Microseed Fund

TechWildcatters is a mentorship-driven microseed fund and startup accelerator that just launched in Dallas, Texas. TechWildcatters is now accepting applications for their first 12-week accelerator “bootcamp” and 20 startup teams will have the opportunity to pitch on March 11, 2010. The first program begins April 5, 2010. The selected startups will get up to $25,000 […]

How to Set Conversion Discounts in Convertible Notes

Convertible promissory notes do not include a stated pre-money valuation. Instead, the convertible note seed investor and startup agree that the pre-money valuation for the convertible note investment will be determined by the pre-money valuation the startup receives at the Series A round. However, the convertible note investor does not receive the Series A pre-money […]

How Convertible Debt Works

Convertible debt is a type of security frequently issued by startups when raising seed capital. With convertible debt, the startup issues the seed investor a promissory note, for the investment amount, that contains a conversion feature. The conversion feature is the mechanism by which the debt (the promissory note) will convert to equity (new shares […]