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The $10,000 Sentence

You’re in a startup and everything is scarce including capital. Thus, when you encounter a legal issue (like incorporation) you conduct a cost-benefit analysis of hiring a startup lawyer. I understand the need to ensure you are getting value for the small amount of capital you start with — I did the same thing when […]

Moving to Austin

UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s Day prank. I’m Gowalla-ing!!! I have decided to move from Southlake to Austin at the end of April. After a comprehensive polling of my clients, the overall consensus was that Austin was the place to be so that I could properly scale my business. I hope that I can […]

Acquisition of StartupLawyer.com

Last Friday, I was talking with @rylanbarnes, @jakemarsh, and @amuse about how I have wanted to obtain craved the startuplawyer.com domain since 2006. I attempted to acquire the domain before launching this blog, but ended up going with thestartuplawyer.com Well, I acquired startuplawyer.com late last night. It points to this site for now, but this […]

Model Seed Funding Doc Myths

A variety of model startup seed funding docs have been released in the past year or so: TechStars Series AA Preferred, YCombinator Series AA Preferred, and TheFunded Founder Institute’s Plain Preferred. And as I mentioned last week, Fenwick & West and Andreessen Horowitz released the Series Seed model documents. The standardized seed funding document movement […]

94,685 Thank Yous

The Startup Lawyer had 94,685 visits in 2009 and visitors spent a total of 3,603 hours on the site. Most visitors were from California (16,662), Texas (8,203), and New York (8,097). Canada (3,454), the UK (2,452), and India (1,557) lead the pack of international visits. 86 people in China broke the law and visited my […]