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The Contract ROI Trap

Several weeks back, 37signals asked “Employment Contracts: What are they good for?” on Signal vs. Noise. Basically, they questioned the value of their employment contracts since they have never had an employment dispute: “Why have we become so dependent on lawyers to control every relationship inside our companies? Why is “just in case” the default […]

Startup-Advisor Dating

I get about 4 emails a week from law students and attorneys with questions about launching a law practice. It’s an awkward and humbling experience for me. I’m not a law practice management expert and several years ago I had many of these same questions. But I try to answer as many emails and calls […]

Oppose Colorado HB 1192

Why don’t federal, state and local governments make it easier for startups to launch, grow and thrive? Colorado’s governor is proposing fast-tracking a software tax to be effective March 1. I realize these various governments need to raise tax revenue. But they end up with asinine and short-sighted “solutions” to do so, since no politician […]