Who writes The Startup Lawyer?

Ryan Roberts, partner at Roberts Foster LLP. Click here for some background information about me or here for my standard lawyer bio.

What topics will The Startup Lawyer cover?

I’ll write about the legal issues involved in a startup’s lifecycle, including incorporation, funding, stock options, venture capital, etc. Sometimes I’ll write a “non-legal” post but it usually involves a entrepreneurial lesson I’ve either learned on my own or via one of my clients. I’ll also selectively write about startup events in Dallas.

Why are you in Dallas and not the Valley?

After living in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to the Dallas area in 2003. Basically, I met this really nice girl at USC and was lucky enough to marry her. She’s a Texan and I didn’t read the fine print in the Texas marriage contract that requires a move to Texas. I’m still getting used to Texas, but I don’t have any plans to return to California full-time.

Can I contact you about representing my startup?

Yes. It’s best to contact me via robertsfoster.com

What do you do when you aren’t working?

In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, play golf, and watch the USC Trojans, San Francisco 49ers and SF Giants.