What 300 Can Teach You About Business Law

By Startup Issues

Entreprenuer.com recently published an article entitled “A Spartan’s Guide to Business” in reference to the blockbuster “300.” The article highlights 3 business lessons that are to be learned from the movie:

  • Your CEO needs to be a strong leader.
  • Train your employees and foster a culture that promotes loyalty.
  • You need to have a strong brand.

While I agree that these are valuable lessons, there is a bigger lesson of business law that should be learned as well:

  • You need to prevent harmful information from getting into the wrong hands.

King Leonidis dropped the ball when he let Ephialtes, the hunchbacked wanna-be Spartan with knowledge of how to defeat the Spartan’s strategy, out of his sight. It didn’t take very long for that information to reach the ears of King Xerxes … and then for the Persians to wipe out the 300. Whether this means installing a firewall on your computer systems or having your employees sign confidentiality agreements, measures should be taken to avoid harmful disclosures.


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