Which Type of Entrepreneur are You?

By Startup Issues

CNNMONEY.com is running a series called “America’s Best Colleges For Entrepreneurs.” One of its feature articles is titled Is it smart to go to school for entrepreneurship? in which 9 entrepreneurs tell their story about how taking classes affected their businesses. The 9 different types of entrepreneurs profiled are:

-The Professional
-The Undergrad
-The E-Learner
-The Hybrid
-The Idea Guy
-The MBA
-The Serial Entrepreneur
-The Owner
-The Heir

The problem I have with the article is that ALL of the profiled entrepreneurs took some type of entrepreneurship course, whether a certificate course or full-blown MBA program. What about the non-traditionally educated entrepreneurs? Nothing against MBAs as professional education is a valuable commodity, but spending $100k on your education isn’t exactly a great way to bootstrap your startup.

In any event, what type of entrepreneur are you? And have you had any formal education? I guess my law degree qualifies me as ‘The Professional’ type and my only formal entrepreneurship education is reading books.


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