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Startup Weekend Austin

The first Startup Weekend Austin is set for the weekend of September 10-12th and will take place at CoSpace. I’ll be one of the Friday night speakers.

What: Startup Weekend Austin
Where: CoSpace, 911 West Anderson Lane #203, Austin, TX 78757
When: September 10th at around 5pm (the pitches will start a bit later)

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here. If you have not participated in a Startup Weekend before, check out the first-timer FAQs. Hashtag: #swaustin

Moving to Austin

UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s Day prank.

I’m Gowalla-ing!!! I have decided to move from Southlake to Austin at the end of April.

After a comprehensive polling of my clients, the overall consensus was that Austin was the place to be so that I could properly scale my business.

I hope that I can assimilate in Austin successfully, even though I am a square. But I’m from Cali — and what is square in Cali is “weird” in Austin. So I should be OK.

Anybody have a reference for intrastate movers?