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Delaware Franchise Taxes

If you haven’t already received your Delaware franchise tax statement in the mail, then it’s probably on the way. You have to give credit to Delaware — they make paying your corporation’s franchise taxes “thrilling.” For example, if you authorized 10,000,000 shares of common stock in your certificate of incorporation, you will receive a franchise […]

Lockdown Lost-Founder IP

If you won the lottery today, how many long lost relatives (that you don’t recall) would come out of the shadows of your family tree to test the generosity of their favorite relative? I’m willing to bet a few. Now if your startup received a $5MM Series A investment from a venture capital firm, how […]

How to Protect Directors on Your Startup’s Board

Startups often desire to shield members of their board of directors from personal liability in connection with their duties on the board. And sometimes potential board members are hesitant to join a startup’s board without sufficient personal liability protection. Therefore, startups can protect their directors in a few ways: (1) Indemnification The startup can include […]

25102(f) Notice: Only in California

Founders must pay special attention when their startup issues securities–even when those securities are issued to themselves at incorporation. Whether or not founders realize it, they are issued their founders stock via an exemption from registration at both the federal and state level. The federal exemption most likely available for founders is Section 4(2) of […]