Boards and Advisors

Advisor Stock Option Grants

One asset that startups should consider taking advantage of is advisors. Luckily for startups, advisors are prevalent and can be readily found through incubators, networking and/or personal contacts. The best advisors are in it to pay it forward or give back to the startup community. If you want to take a very informal advisor relationship … Continue reading

Of Mice and Mentors

There are a ton of positives that mentors provide startups, as no one person innately has the skill set and/or experience to run a successful company. But if there is an incubator bubble, does that beget a mentor bubble? Mentors at incubators should be in it strictly to pay it forward and most certainly are. … Continue reading

Your Advisor’s Invention Agreements: A Potential Startup Killer

“Get advisors” is a common recommendation given to a startup company entrepreneur. However, entrepreneurs should use caution when selecting advisors for his or her startup company. Your advisors may come pre-packaged with restrictive covenants that have the potential to kill your startup. One such restrictive covenant that could darken any startup’s day is an invention … Continue reading