Startup Lawyer is a website for participants of the startup ecosystem.  Articles are generally legal in nature but topics may include issues and current events as they relate to the startup ecosystem.  Features will be added on a rolling basis.

Who writes Startup Lawyer?

I’m Ryan Roberts, a partner at Roberts Foster LLP. I represent startup companies through all phases of their growth process, including over $100 million in venture capital transactions.  I’ve been lucky to have an international roster of clients.  For more information about my day job, click here for my lawyer profile.

Through this website, I have the opportunity to chat with several entrepreneurs and other members of the startup ecosystem on a frequent basis. Thanks for reading!  If you would like to reach out, use the contact page.

What topics will Startup Lawyer cover?

I’ll write about the legal issues involved in a startup’s lifecycle, including incorporation, funding, stock options, venture capital, etc. Sometimes I’ll write a “non-legal” post but it usually involves a entrepreneurial lesson I’ve either learned on my own or via one of my clients. I’ll also selectively write about startup events in Dallas.