Startup Lawyer is a website for participants of the startup ecosystem.  Articles are generally legal in nature but topics may include issues and current events as they relate to the startup ecosystem.  The site was launched in 2006.

Who writes Startup Lawyer?

Ryan Roberts, a venture lawyer and partner at Roberts Zimmerman PLLC and is the main writer. Ryan has represented startup companies through all phases of their growth process, including over $500 million in venture transactions.  For more information about Ryan’s “day job,” click here for his lawyer profile.

What topics will Startup Lawyer cover?

Startup Lawyer covers legal issues involved in a startup’s lifecycle, including incorporation, cofounders, advisors, accelerators, stock options, convertible notes, SAFEs, seed rounds, and venture capital, etc. Sometimes we’ll write a “non-legal” post but it usually involves an entrepreneurial lesson, startup events, or news.

What is “Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law”?

“Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law” is best thought of as a super-premium, curated version of the blog posts on StartupLawyer.com. The book also features various real-life anecdotes and other lessons learned either through an entrepreneur’s experience, or by “pattern recognition” developed by working with over a thousand clients over the course of more than a decade.

How do I Contact you?

Through Startup Lawyer, we have the opportunity to chat with several entrepreneurs, investors, and other members of the startup ecosystem on a frequent basis. Thanks for reading!  If you would like to reach out, use the contact page.


Startup Law doesn’t have to be a confusing maze. The practical knowledge in "Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law" will help you make the smart decisions to protect your startup and its future. Available in ebook and hardcover.

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