Miracles Happen, But Not Every Day

By Startup Issues

I got lucky. I bought a suit “off the rack” and it fits me perfectly.

I purchased this suit in true emergency fashion about two years ago while in Phoenix on a business trip. I ended up not needing it (of course) and stuck it in the back of my closet when I returned home from the business trip.

Last week, I did an early spring cleaning and was certain this suit was destined for the donation pile. But I figured I should at least try it on. I’m glad I did. It felt like a good fit when I put it on and I got visual confirmation of the perfect fit after strategically using the mirrors in my bathroom. This left-for-dead emergency suit was promoted to the big leagues.

The next day, I suited up and ventured out with my new addition. And I’m happy to report the suit performed well.

So what does this mean for your startup company?

Well, let me start by repeating the first sentence of this post: I got lucky. I used and depended on something that was not customized for me, and I did not suffer because of it.

Your startup company will probably not have to worry about suits (lucky!), but it will be faced with similar “should this be customized?” decisions every day. Of course, your startup can not always have custom work done. But pick and choose wisely, because cutting corners at every turn is not advisable. And while generic products or services will sometimes work out perfectly for your startup, those instances will tend to be rare occassions.

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