Oppose Colorado HB 1192

By Startup Issues

Why don’t federal, state and local governments make it easier for startups to launch, grow and thrive? Colorado’s governor is proposing fast-tracking a software tax to be effective March 1.

I realize these various governments need to raise tax revenue. But they end up with asinine and short-sighted “solutions” to do so, since no politician has the balls to propose an income tax increase. They know doing so would be political suicide. (Of course, governments could reduce expenditures, but I’m not holding my breath.)

So rather than making (almost) everybody pitch-in via an increased income tax, politicians are going to tax various segments of American society. The segments that will be targeted for taxation are those that carry the least pull or don’t speak out against the tax. Thus, it’s imperative people speak out against Colorado HB 1192.

I have no connection to Colorado other than this blog has received 160 visits from the state in the last 30 days. But I am afraid other tax-revenue desperate state lawmakers will catch wind of this tax. Only about 12 states in the country have this type of tax–it should be zero.

Learn how you can speak out against Colorado HB 1192 here.


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