Startup “Odds of Success” Calculator

By Startup Issues

StartupNation released an “Odds of Success Calculator” so that entrepreneurs can “see if your business is prepared for success.” The calculator derives your odds of success based upon your answers to the following 8 questions:

(1) About how much debt and equity capital has been provided to your business?

(2) How long do you think it would take to obtain additional funding for your business?

(3) How often do you evaluate your cash flow status/plan?

(4) What’s your degree of business planning?

(5) What’s the approximate annual growth rate of your market?

(6) How many years of management experience do you or your team have?

(7) How many years of industry experience do you or your team have?

(8) Over what timeframe do you want to know your chances of success?

The Venture Capital Dispatch blog at the Wall Street Journal did a mock trial using Twitter’s information and got a 46% “odds of success” over the next 5 years.

Of course, the calculator is a pretty good way to generate web traffic and get registrations in the same way that Younoodle did so with their “Startup Predictor” which gave a projected valuation for your startup.

So far, the offers for this blog have not reached Younoodle’s prediction of $2,340,000.


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