2015 StartupLawyer.com Upgrade

I am happy to present an upgraded StartupLawyer.com!

While just a soft launch, we added a left-side navigation bar with the intent of making content more accessible.  Early reviews have been positive:

startup lawyer review

About a year ago we released a Glossary.  Now with a custom plugin, we have integrated those defined terms into applicable blog posts.  If a glossary term is used in a blog post, it will be bolded and defined beneath the post.  We’re working to make this even cleaner, but you can see how it works below.

We’re also working on adding formulas to help you calculate common startup-related numbers (pre-money valuation, price per share, # of shares to issue, etc).

Finally, please be sure to subscribe in order to receive updates even if you have done so via a prior version of this site.

Thanks for reading!

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Startup Lawyer

2 thoughts on “2015 StartupLawyer.com Upgrade

  1. Hey Ryan- I follow you from St. Louis, Missouri, where I work with emerging companies in the start-up community here. I think the website looks just fantastic. Besides the look, though, you’ve populated it with really good content. I started my career 30 years ago in Texas and often think back to my days in Dallas. If you ever find yourself up here, then please look me up. Best.

  2. I really like the new site and how it looks. I use your help alot for my own business and i am thankful for that.

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