Embrace the Martian

By Startup Lawyer

Real talk. Service providers like startup lawyers aren’t exactly the crowd favorites at startup events and have a hard time fitting in with the crowd.

For the past year or so, every time I’m about to enter a startup event Kid Cudi‘s “Embrace the Martian” song pops into my head. This lyric in particular:

All I ask of all y’all is to please…
Embrace the martian, embrace the martian
I come in peace, but I need y’all rockin wit me
Please, embrace the martian

Being involved with the startup scene makes me a better lawyer and a better resource for my clients.

The only connections startup lawyers are typically known for are VC introductions. But service providers like startup lawyers can also be helpful with non-investor intros for things like hiring.

Just yesterday one of my clients asked me if I knew any UI/UX people who could help out with their mobile app. I shot them an email with about 3 people and they’ve set up meetings with at least 2 of them for today.

So if a service provider shows up at a startup event, embrace the martian. But if a service provider tries to french kiss you with an engagement letter immediately after meeting you, then kick the service provider back to outer space.

And thanks to all of you who have embraced this martian.


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