So I wrote a Startup Law Book called “Acceleration”

By Startup Lawyer

If you follow this blog, then you probably know new posts have been harder to find than a four-leafed clover in the desert.

But I had a good reason — I’ve spent the good portion of the last 3 years putting together a startup law book, when I wasn’t doing my venture lawyer day job or the more important family job (nah it’s not really a job but you know what I mean).

Launching March 5, 2019 Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law is the culmination of those 3 years.

This startup law book isn’t really meant to compete with any books out there, and frankly it likely best complements some of the other really good books out there like “Venture Deals”.

What The Startup Law Book Is

You could call it a premium version of this blog. And that was my goal when I started writing the book. But it evolved into a chronological version of this blog, with a tremendous amount of new content, sprinkled with (anonymous) client anecdotes and other insights I’ve gleaned representing about 1,000 clients over the last dozen or so years. And like this blog, I endeavored to write the startup law book “fireside chat” style.

It’s a compilation of the most frequent questions I’ve received from clients, the most common pitfalls, and insights from both positive and negative outcomes.

Therefore, the startup law book attempts to take you on the journey from incorporation, dealing with co-founders, employees, advisors, accelerators and to your seed and VC rounds…all as if we were just chatting it up while watching a San Francisco Giants double-header at Oracle Park.

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What’s in the Startup Law Book (Table of Contents)

I guess what better way to tell you what’s in the 332-page startup law book than to show you the table of contents:

I hope you like it! If not, maybe you’ll like the 2nd edition. 🙂


Startup Law doesn’t have to be a confusing maze. The practical knowledge in "Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law" will help you make the smart decisions to protect your startup and its future. Available in ebook and hardcover.

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