SXSW Happy Hours and Office Hours

It’s that time of year again when a good portion of the startup world flocks to Austin Texas for SXSWi.  This year, I’ll be involved with two events:

Dallas Drops the Mic — March 14th 6pm-8pm

The official blurb about this event is: “Join the Dallas Startup Community in a truly epic happy hour where freestyles and mic dropping are expected. We’ll show you why Dallas is the greatest place to create a company by bringing in our investors, startups, and all of the other pieces that make our startup community awesome.”

I’m not sure if anyone in the Dallas community likes real hip hop (I went there) and if there are any freestyles, they will be more Drake-y and less Mobb Deep.  Regardless, it will be a great event and other co-sponsors besides this blog are LaunchDFW, Tech Wildcatters, Softlayer, Rise, The DEC, and REVTECH.  It’s great to see the Dallas community come together for an event like this.

You also don’t have to be from Dallas to attend — there’s quite a few people from outside of Dallas attending.  Be sure to register if you plan to go.

UP Global Startup Oasis Office Hours — March 15th 2pm-3pm

Like last year, I’ll be holding 1:1 meetings with a few people at the UP Global Startup Oasis.  Feel free to signup and we can chat about anything related to the startup world — and it doesn’t even have to be about boring legal stuff.  Last year, I had some good conversations about the economics of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin)…and of course topics you would expect such as vesting schedules, convertible notes and term sheets.

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