Should Your Startup Lawyer Get a Finder’s Fee?

By Venture Capital

Heck no. Your lawyer should not get a contingent finder’s fee for introducing you to investors or potential acquirers. I think taking a finder’s fee would be a greater conflict than sitting on your startup’s board of directors.

I’ve always felt introductions, whether to an accountant, potential co-founder, or investor is just part of the benefit of hiring a startup lawyer. And while I heart FINRA, I’m not sure I want to register with them or the Texas State Securities Board.

If you want to hook your lawyer up for an introduction, send him a box of your startup’s t-shirts. Even better, rave about him or her to your network. And if you are an investor (angel or VC) and happen to read this blog, reach out to me so I can increase my electronic rolodex and get more t-shirts.


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