4 Things You Might Not Know About This Startup Lawyer

1. I was a crazy stutterer. 3pm-4pm, MWF. That wasn’t my economics 502 course schedule at USC, that was my speech therapy session schedule from the 3rd to 5th grade. I’m pretty sure I only made it out of junior high alive because I was one of the biggest kids in the class.

2. My dream job isn’t to be partner at some large firm or President/CEO of startup company. Although technically, I am a partner of a law firm and president of a corporation. Go figure.

3. I made law review and then wanted to quit law school. If taking the corporate jet from DFW to Love Field (or from OAK to Buchanan Field for you East Bay folks) is a waste of resources, law school is like taking the corporate jet from DFW to DFW. Thankfully, I stuck with it. (If law school actually took one hour to show you what lawyer’s actually do, more people might stick with it…and not to mention we’d have much better first-year lawyers.)

4. I’m not as big of a tool as the photo above might suggest. But I’m naturally biased.

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Startup Lawyer

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