Blog Statistics and What is on the Horizon

Before I get into nerdy blog statistics, I want to thank each and every one of you that has visited The Startup Lawyer. You are my “early adopters” and I’m not going to sell you out like Apple did its initial iPhone purchasers. If you can’t tell, I’m awaiting instructions on how to get my $100 Apple Store credit.

So here’s a few blog statistics for the month of August:

-1,017 unique visitors
-44 countries represented
-45 different states (U.S.)
-5 minute average on the site
-31% of visitors via search engine; 94% of those used Google
-53% of you use Internet Explorer

So once again thanks for visiting. I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with all of you via this blog, several via email, and a few via telephone. A couple of you have entrusted my law firm with your startup company.

So what’s on tap for this blog? I’m working on a few things. First, I’m wrapping up Part II of How to Avoid Being Ripped Off When You Lease Office Space. It’s becoming a monster post, but I don’t want to break it up into any more pieces. I’m also trying to arrange a couple of very interesting guests, pending approval from their respective companies & law firms.

And finally, if there is a topic you’d like me to address or one that you would like to see some further discussion, please let me know via email or comment. Just remember not to send me any specific information.

Have a great weekend.

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