Burnout Rate

By Startup Lawyer

In retrospect, the signs were there. Three consecutive nights dreaming about legal document drafting, a 36-hour illness almost worthy of an ER visit, and brainlock. I was burned out.

I finally decided to take a break this weekend. And I’m glad I did because now everything’s back to “normal.” Why am I telling you this? Well, if you are reading this, you are probably either (a) working yourself to death in your startup, or (b) about to. I think recognizing we are human and have limits is OK. So take a break every now and then.

Now that the PSA is over, I thought I’d give some updates on what is going on around here:

(1) I was mentioned in BusinessWeek a few times. This blog was called “incredibly valuable” in Hiring the Right Lawyer When Raising Capital and I provided some background on venture debt financing in How Venture Debt Financing Works and How to Get It.

(2) I’m moving my office (same building, though).

(3) I’m developing a new website for my law firm practice. It currently resides at ryanrobertslaw.com but I’m thinking of using either venturelaw.us, ventureattorney.com, or vclaw.us. What do you think?

(4) My G5 quit on me. So I went out an bought a 24″ iMac.

(5) I went to the TechCrunch/Austin Ventures Meetup a couple weeks ago in Austin.

(6) This blog now gets about 4,500 visitors per month.

More posts soon. Thanks for reading.


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