Tech Wildcatters 2011 Pitch Day

By Startup Lawyer

Tech Wildcatters will showcase their 2011 class of startups Thursday, May 26th at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas, Texas. Attend the event and hear what the 2011 class of startups are doing and what they need. You’ll have time to visit with the startups individually, including a happy hour at Lemon Bar.

Class of 2011

At the 2011 Pitch Day, you’ll get to check out pitches by startups like:

Memory Reel is an event marketing solution that enables brands and event organizers to connect deeply with attendees, while measuring marketing effectiveness and improving ROI. Their affordable mobile applications and software tools take a clients event marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Proxomo radically increases a developer’s productivity in developing web and mobile applications by providing an integrated collection of backend services into a single RESTful (JSON, XML) API. Presently, Proxomo provides the following functions: user management, event management, application data, geo location, auto scaling, social network integration, and notifications (email, SMS), with many more on the way.

SparkCrowd is a mobile social games company with a social mission to help make meaningful connections in the real world — not just online. Name tag is a real world game of Tag with the people around you and is available for iPhone and IPad in the app store

Vignature provides an image-based electronic signature service that reduces fraud, while expediting document signing. Consumers can download a mobile app, and sign anything from permission slips to business contracts. Businesses can use a web-based service to request and receive signatures online. Vignature is the only company that creates a verifiable signature, including a time-specific photograph of the signer.

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mComm360 is a mobile enablement company that is developing a mobile offer platform that allows consumer brands to deliver mobile coupons and offers at convenience stores.

Nimbix is an emerging provider of cloud-based High Performance Computing infrastructure and applications. Nimbix offers hardware accelerated server platforms as a service through the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (NACC) Portal.

Rentsavvy is an apartment decision engine that helps renters find their next place based on their interests and budget.

Pitch Day Schedule

The tentative Pitch Day schedule is set forth below (although my inside source tells me there may be a panel instead of a keynote):

12:00-12:30 Check-in and networking
12:30-12:40 Opening Remarks
12:40-1:45 Company Presentations
1:45-2:00 Break
2:00-2:45 Keynote
2:45-3:30 Company Presentations
3:30-3:45 Closing Remarks
3:45-5:00 Investor / Company Networking
5:00-8:00 Happy Hour

Register for the event here:


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