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By Startup Lawyer

About 95% of my clients are tech startups. And while I love downloading my startup clients’ apps to my iPhone, it is also nice to download a client’s product to my feet:

(Disclaimer: Not actually my feet)

TRUE linkswear is a Dallas startup, co-founded by Sean Eidson, Robert Rigg and Ryan Moore. Even though they aren’t technically a tech startup, they incorporate a great deal of technology and design into their line of golf shoes:

They’ve been generating some amazing buzz in the golf community for being “the most comfortable shoe — of any kind”, received press on and made the holiday golf gift guide.

Of course, it also works if one of your co-founder’s stellar performance helps validate your product. Like most successful startups, they have a great team with a diverse-yet-complementary skill set.

I’ve only been able to get 9 holes of golf in since July, but I’ll definitely be wearing their shoes on (and off) the course soon. Get your pair here.


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