Startup Issues

The Startup “Hyphen” Must Die

It’s time for the entire startup world to cease spelling “startup” with a hyphen. I realize that most dictionaries have “start-up” as the main entry. But if “vlog” and “webisode” can be added to the dictionary, I’m pretty sure the startup hyphen can be eliminated from those same reference books. In addition to just looking … Continue reading

5 Common Founder Mistakes

This is a re-post of an article that I wrote about common founder mistakes for and (not sure if it went out yet). 1. Spending Too Much Time Keeping Your “Unique” Idea Top Secret. Some founders attempt to have everyone within 25 feet of them sign an NDA. Instead of spending time drafting … Continue reading

Start-Up Tool Kit From Orrick

Forgot to mention that Orrick released a Start-Up Tool Kit over the summer. From Orrick’s site: Orrick’s Start-Up Tool Kit is a comprehensive set of resources designed to aid start-ups and their founders on the journey from the “garage” to the global marketplace. The Start-Up Tool Kit includes a Term Sheet Creator (hope you have … Continue reading

June One-Six-Seven-One

Back in high school, I told my closest friends that “when I have a law firm, 2pac will be playing in the office.” I really didn’t plan to have my own law practice in high school, I was just letting my friends know that I wouldn’t change. Of course, I’m writing this from the Southlake … Continue reading

Stock for Fees

Recently I’ve written about potential conflicts of interest between you and your startup lawyer. Now for the main event: Stock for Fees. This situation arises when a startup company offers stock to a lawyer in exchange for legal services. I’ve derived the following 2 postulates to explain why startups and lawyers agree to this setup: … Continue reading